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  • yuukiscarlet11:

    ian said that he’d be crying at the kalanthony wedding 

    i don’t think i’m ready for this oMG NO

  • Kalel talking to Anthony and Ian. (via storyofrandom)
  • "You two will be standing there when I walk down the aisle"
  • itsaskclem:

    Yeah Clem it’s just a bear!

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  • ourtroylerinfinityy:


    oh troye

    troye’s living his dreams, one at a time

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  • still—getting—there:

    ✿♡rosy/summer blog,i follow back♡✿

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  • sprinkleofglitr:

    Motivational Monday || Goals http://ift.tt/1yaSodX

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  • vvankinq:

    Go on, tell them I ate your homework. They’ll never believe you.

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  • thephantag:

    Finally beating the boss-level


    Passing a test without studying


    Stopping strangers from peeing on you


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